NFT Influencers to Follow (updated November 2022)

One of the best ways to learn and get deeper into the NFT world is by following NFT influencers on social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube.

OK, so before you go through the NFT influencers that I've listed below, I want to be clear about a few points:

  • The list is not in any particular order and is not based on number of followers. Rather, each of these influencers have given me various perspective on the NFT scene (even if I don't necessarily agree with everything they say).

  • Why isn't "so and so mega influencer" on your list?  See bullet one.  I'm trying to separate signal from noise and give you a place to start.  Feel free to follow whomever you wish - there are plenty of people to choose from.

  • Please do your own research (DYOR).  An influencer might shill (promote) a project.  That doesn't mean you should jump in too.  Please be careful out there.

  • I follow many more people than just the ones on this list and you should consider that too.  Branch out in directions that interest you most.

  • There are many scam/spoof social media accounts out there.  Please double check that you are following the right person.

NFT Influencers (includes Social Media links)

Punk 6529


Known for his almost philosophical tweets/threads about the future of NFTs and the metaverse, punk6529 will give you a deeper understanding of this space.  punk6529 is an influencer that influences the thinking of other influencers (an influencer's influencer 🙂 )But who is punk6529? People have speculated, but punk6529 remains anonymous. 



EllioTrades is Elliot Wainman located in the Los Angeles area.  He has had a long running YouTube channel that focuses on crypto alt coins, but has been building in the NFT space for many years through his company, SuperFarm.  EllioTrades posts videos on his YouTube channel regularly (I've been a regular viewer since early 2020 and I hold SuperFarm tokens).

Alex Becker

Alex Becker

Alex Becker came from the internet marketing world, but later built a successful software company called Hyros.  Given his background in internet marketing, he is somewhat controversial, but he has addressed the things he doesn't like about that industry and has shared some interesting insights/opinions on business and entrepreneurship on his YouTube channel.  More recently his videos have focused on crypto, NFTs, and more specifically blockchain gaming.  He often tweets about projects on Twitter before he posts on YouTube.  As always, do your own research.



Zeneca came on to the NFT scene in early 2021, but quickly amassed a large following through his helpful and insightful tweets (in particular, he gained a large following by posting the floor prices of major NFT projects, which he stopped doing).  Zeneca is now primarily focused on building his brand through NFT related education.  I follow him closely and hold one of his membership NFTs.

Yam Karkai

Yam Karkai

Yam Karkai is the artist behind the World of Women NFT collection.  The World of Women project was one of the earliest PFP projects that focused on women.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk (also known as Gary Vee) is a major influencer from the business/entrepreneurship world, but he has gone nearly all-in on NFTs.  Gary has had a lot to do with on-boarding "regular" (non-crypto) people in to the NFT space and is an important voice in bringing mass adoption to NFTs.


Nathanhead is a photographer and artist as well as an NFT collector.  He has amassed a large following on Instagram where he showcases his work.

Matty DCL Blogger

Matty/DCL Blogger

Matty, also known as DCL Blogger, was an early investor in Decentraland and many of his early videos on his YouTube channel were focused on buying and selling virtual land.  He has since branched out and covers a wide range of NFT/metaverse projects.



Mike Winkelmann, more widely known as Beeple, essentially kicked off the 2021 NFT bull run in March of that year with the $69 million dollar sale of his NFT, Everydays.  Beeple has captured the attention of the mainstream press and has become an important bridge to the "normal" non-NFT world.

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki is a DJ and record producer that is big in the electronic music dance music scene.  He also embraced NFTs very early on and effectively uses NFTs to engage his audience.

Cozomo de Medici

Cozomo de'Medici

The Cozomo de' Medici account was started on Twitter in August of 2021 and quickly gained attention for the extensive (and pricy) NFT collection this pseudonymous investor had amassed.


Brett Malinowski

If you want to learn more about the hot new NFT projects coming soon or maybe even want to jump into the NFT trading scene, then check out Brett Malinowski's YouTube channel.  Remember that you don't need to jump into every new project, so take some time to do your own research :).


Giancarlo Chaux

Giancarlo Chaux regularly posts NFT related videos on his YouTube channel, Giancarlo Buys Tokens.  He covers a wide range of topics from NFT market updates to reviews of metaverse related projects.  As always, DYOR.



Pranksy is major NFT collector and investor that has been involved in the NFT scene since 2017 (making Pranksy an "OG" in this space).  Pranksy is also one of the most prolific and profitable (as ranked by Nansen) investors in this space - so yeah, Pranksy is also a "whale".   But who is Pranksy?  We still don't know.


Erick / Snowfro

Erick Calderon, better known as Snowfro, is an NFT artist and founder of Art Blocks, which has become the premier platform for on-chain, generative art.  I am personally very interested in generative art and own several pieces from the Art Blocks collection.

Punk 9059


Punk 9059 is the Director of Research at the Proof Collective (founded by Kevin Rose).  She often tweets out stats and data from the NFT world that are very informative.  Regardless of the path you take in NFTs/Web3, I highly recommend that you follow her.

Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose is the founder of the Proof Collective and its related PFP project, Moonbirds.  Given that Kevin comes from the venture capital world, many of the member of Proof/Moonbirds are builders and investors in the Web3 space.



Aftab Hossain, better known as DCinvestor, is a collector/investor and advisor in the NFT and blockchain space.  His tweets tend to give an investor/financial view of the NFT/Web3 world. 

Claire Silver

Claire Silver

Claire Silver is an NFT artist with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) art.  As AI continues to improve, the intersection of AI and art is an interesting one to follow and Claire gives great insights as a practitioner in the space.

Additional Influencers to Follow

The following influencers aren't necessarily focused on NFTs, but they have helped me round out my view of this space.

Raoul Pal

Raoul Pal comes from the traditional macro investing world, but has gone very deep down the crypto rabbit hole.  He is the CEO and co-founder of Real Vision, a media publisher that has some great content on finance, economics, and crypto. Much of their content is free.  Raoul Pal and Real Vision has given me a better marco perspective on crypto and NFTs.

Ivan on Tech

I hope at least some of you are interested in the technology behind crypto and NFTs.  If so, then Ivan on Tech is a great place to start.  Although he does cover the crypto markets and NFTs (blockchain gaming, etc.), his focus has been on Moralis, a platform for developing Web 3 application, which he launched in 2021.

Tips on Following NFT Influencers

Learn the Lingo

The NFT space is developing rapidly and with it comes its own culture and terminology.  

If you are new to the space might, at first, you might get a bit overwhelmed with the "newness" of it all, but it can be picked up pretty quickly.

Here are a few articles to help you along:

Do Your Own Research (DYOR)

Influencers are NOT the ultimate arbiters of truth; they are human with their own opinions and are motivated by their own individual incentives

The point is that you should do your own research (DYOR) and come to your own conclusions. 

Final Thoughts

By following everyone I've listed in the article, you are unlikely to miss anything big in the NFT space, but there are many, many more great influencers out there that I haven't listed.

Now that I've given you a place to start, it's your job to branch out and find people that resonate with you and your interests 🙂

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