gm: It means more than you think (NFT Terminology)

“gm” is internet slang for “good morning” and is used as a greeting on crypto and NFT twitter, but look a little deeper and you’ll see that saying gm is about much more than just a friendly hello.


  • gm stands for “good morning”, but in the crypto and NFT world, it is more than a greeting as it expresses that idea that "we are early" and our future is bright.

  • “Gm’ing” is not only a way of announcing yourself as a member of the NFT community but it’s also used to build camaraderie online and show support for the culture building around NFTs and Web3 technology writ large.

  • You can gm at any hour of the day because the NFT community is global and it’s always a gm for someone, somewhere.
gm meaning in crypto and NFTs


What Does gm Stand For?

gm stands for "good morning!” Usually written all in the same case as “gm” or “GM”, but a mixed case “Gm” is ok too! There’s really no wrong way to “gm” as long as it’s done in a spirit of community and friendship.

What Does gm Mean?

 “gm” or “GM!” for louder exclamations is like the NFT community’s version of the Web2 “Hello World!” 

GM is not only a greeting to other NFT friendlies on Twitter but it’s a proclamation of belief and allegiance to NFTs and Web3 technology and that “WAGMI” (We’re all going to make it).

Many who have joined into the cultural boom happening around NFTs are coming from either the tech industry, finance, or the arts and entertainment sector. 

These worlds don’t always play nicely, but NFTs are bringing people together to form new organizations, projects, and friendships too.

Community and connection have become important values among NFT evangelists. 

Many in the NFT space will serenade you about how it’s all about finding new ways to relate online, form communities, and to support artists. 

Is it also about millions of dollars in JPEG sales? 

Yes! There are certainly people entering the space because they’re seeing projects skyrocket in price overnight and want to get in on the gold rush. 

However, if you get deeper into NFT communities, many hosted on Discord servers and Telegram groups, you’ll find people who genuinely care about building this technology and want to support artists and innovation in the space.

The Metaverse can be a lonely place, and after nearly two years of Covid-19, bonding over a new shared interest feels pretty good. 

Sharing that you’re incredibly early on some potentially world changing technology?

Now that feels amazing.

How to use gm

By design, “gm’ing” is very simple. Go onto Twitter or your favorite NFT discord, type gm into the chat and watch the community reply in turn. 

Feel free to spice up your “gm’s” with emojis like 🌅 or 🥱 to suit your particular mood this gm.

That’s it. Really.

When it’s been a long day in the Metaverse you can announce your departure the same way but with a “gn.” 

You may realize that as your “gn’ing” someone else just announced a “gm” because the sun never sets on NFT twitter. If we didn’t have to sleep to survive it seems like most people would opt to stay plugged into the community 24/7. 

Tweet from Artist @jenjustjen3 wishing a GM

Tweet from Artist @jenjustjen3 wishing a GM

Because of the insane amounts of movement in this space, both in money and new projects, taking care of one’s mental health is becoming of increasing importance and being discussed within the community.

Many are promoting the idea of starting your day with a healthy routine and truly having a good morning in every respect. 

Discussing your emotional highs and lows online has become more culturally acceptable over the last several years as awareness around mental illness has gone mainstream. 

The crypto and NFT community is no exception, and gm is used to spread positivity and build community through social connection.

Many gm tweets act as an online call and response attracting other friendlies to the original post.

GM greeting from Galbraith.eth

Tweet from @ricgalbraith firing up the NFT community with a gm

From there it's a "choose your own adventure". Follow them back, shill your art, internet fist bump and go on your way.

If you’re in the space it feels like everyone everywhere knows about NFTs, but nothing can be further from the truth. NFTs are still on the fringes of society, but probably not for much longer as major players in tech and social are looking to join in the Metaverse.

Dripbits.eth shows us that GM is the way!

@dripbitsnft shows us that GM is the way!

While gm is rooted in spreading good vibes online, it wouldn’t be the internet without a little drama.

Enter the $gm Wars

Ok so let’s go way back to November 8th 2021. Yes, the world has moved on several times since then, but this is the speed at which we’re flying now so just go with it.

@RajGokal, one of the co-founders of Solana had a less-than-kind twitter exchange with another user who called out “gm” for being “unbelievably stupid.” 

We’ll just leave Gokal’s response below in the screenshot.

Reaction to Sam Lessin's tweet calling gm stupid

Reaction to Sam Lessin's tweet calling gm stupid

Gokal was promptly suspended from the platform. (He’s back now.) 

But during his suspension, users rallied around Gokal in defense of the positive spirit behind gm.

This led to the creation of not one, but two different meme coins using $gm as their symbol!

And now we’re in the era of competing gm meme coins. 


The two most well known gm coins are gmwagmieth and welovegm.

Note: we are not recommending either of these coins.  Please do your own research.

Both coins are trading under the symbol $gm so if you were to purchase either coin make sure you’re inputting the proper contract address before you complete your transaction otherwise you may end up purchasing the wrong gm.

What’s the difference between these two coins?

A lot. 

Here’s the deal with GMWAGMIETH

They claim to be the first of the $gm coins. They launched with no presale or whitelist and no tokens reserved for their team. They burnt 50% of the supply upon launch and the other 50% was added into liquidity on uniswap and locked with team finance.

They’re listed on Coingecko and tradable on DEX’s like Uniswap,, and Hotbit. 

Current circulating supply is listed as 498B $gm.

You can learn more about gmwagmieth via their

Remember, always DYOR (Do your own research).

Here’s the deal with WELOVEGM

Welovegm claims to be “the people’s GM” and is backed by their DAO, the SunshineDAO.

They’ve distributed a total 69B in supply of $gm with the following tokenomics:

25% 🐦 twitter drop
25% 🍣 sushiswap dex
25% 🌅 sunshine dao
10% 🧙‍♂️ core contributors, advisors, partners
10% 🧑‍🌾 farming rewards
5% 📰 marketing

What’s unique about this $gm is that they plan to airdrop tokens to Twitter users who’ve tweeted gm between October 11, 2021 to November 11, 2021!

So in this case, being an active gm’er might actually pay off!.

Learn more about welovegm via their

Remember, always DYOR (do your own research).

Final Thoughts

Bottomline, GM culture is here to stay.

Google searches for every popular crypto saw a tremendous spike in recent months.

More people are onboarding into crypto and NFTs daily and it’s looking like that trend will continue into 2022 and beyond. 

The Metaverse is still in its infancy and as projects gain momentum the likelihood of aspects of NFT culture spilling out into the mainstream only increases.

Ja Rule says GM

@jarule Tweets "Hello $gm"

If “the Rule of Ja Rule” is to be believed, as Ja goes so does the culture, then it appears that gm is in good company. 

Gm, Gn, and Gm again. 

Mike Grossman

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Mike Grossman is a writer and creative strategist based in Brooklyn NY. He ape’d into NFTs in early 2021 and has been following the industry ever since.

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