Can You Gift An NFT?


  • You can gift an NFT as it is essentially the process of transferring an NFT from your wallet to someone else’s wallet.

  • You can use OpenSea to gift your NFT.  OpenSea has a “gift” button to make it very clear that you are transferring the NFT to another wallet.  You do not have to buy an NFT from OpenSea to use this feature, but you do have to connect your wallet to OpenSea.

  • If you are giving an NFT to someone that has never owned an NFT, then you will need to consider how to on-board them to the world of NFTs.

  • If you are looking for a lower cost gift, you’ll likely need to explore blockchains outside of Ethereum.
Can you gift an NFT?

NFT Gift Ideas

Before you go about gifting an NFT, you need to choose an NFT for the lucky receiver.

Picking out a present for someone in real life can be difficult,  but picking out a gift in the NFT world may be more so, because you have to also consider the receiver's experience with NFTs.

But let’s start with a few NFT gift ideas.

Art NFTs as a Gift

While art is very subjective, if we are talking about NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, then certain art projects could work very well as gifts.  

For this category I would go with the highly reputable, “classics” (or at least as classic as it gets for NFTs).

Art Blocks was one of the first generative art projects that has achieved critical success in the world outside of NFTs.  Anyone who knows anything about NFT art will know Art Blocks.

That said, pieces from the Art Blocks Curated collection can get very, very pricy (the upper end pieces have sold for millions of dollars); however, you can find some real bargains from the Art Blocks Factory collection.

Sure, it is not as “high-class” as the Curated collection, but there is some great art to be found in the Factory collection and, if you believe in the future of NFT art, they may even appreciate significantly (not financial advice, they could also drop to zero).

At the time of writing, the lowest priced NFT in the Factory collection was .05 ETH (about $200) for a piece from the “Dot Grid” project.

OK, that might not sound like a bargain (especially if you consider that you’ll also need to tack on gas fees to the price), but for a classic project like Art Blocks, I think it’s a steal (but that’s just my opinion).

And there is also quite a bit of variety of styles in the Factory collection.

For example, if you are looking for something on the romantic side, the “Flowers” project from the Factory collection could be a nice choice.

At the time of this writing (November 2021), the lowest priced Flower you could purchase was approximately .13 ETH (about $540). 

And yes, I do own an Art Blocks Flower, so I am biased 🙂 

Art Blocks Flower

The Art Blocks Flower which I currently own from the Factory collection

If Art Blocks is not your thing, you could always try to just explore OpenSea or some of the other marketplaces such as Rarible or SuperRare, but you’ll notice that most art on the Ethereum blockchain is expensive.  Even a “free” NFT won’t be free on the Ethereum due to the high gas fees.

If you are looking for something more low cost, check out the section below on “Exploring Other Blockchains”.

NFTs that are Kid Friendly

So high-end art probably won’t go over very well with the kids, but there are some kid friendly type projects out there that might be better suited for the little ones.

AlphaBetty Doodles describe themselves as follows:

“AlphaBetty Doodles is a vibrant character who helps children go through the alphabet in colorful style.  She was created to bring fun into learning the alphabet, and brought into the NFT world to provide that same experience to young people learning about blockchain technology.”

Screenshot taken from the Alphabetty Doodles website, November 26, 2021

Screenshot taken from the AlphaBetty Doodles website, November 26, 2021

Not only is the art cute, but the floor price (the lowest price in the collection) stands at about .03 ETH (about $135 at the time of writing, November 2021).

Check out AlphaBetty Doodles on OpenSea.

Space Poggers is another project that I think would work well as a children's gift although it isn’t specifically for kids.

The art is colorful and cute and the community on their Discord group is also pretty friendly (not that I recommend kids hang out in Discords).

Screenshot taken from the Space Poggers website, November 26, 2021

Screenshot taken from the Space Poggers website, November 26, 2021

At the time of writing (November 2021), the floor price for a Space Pogger stood at .02 ETH (about $82).

Check out Space Poggers on OpenSea.

Exploring Other Blockchains Chains for Gift NFTs

If you want to buy an NFT for someone, but don’t want to spend $100s,  then you’ll likely need to explore NFTs on other blockchains.

The main issue with exploring other blockchains is that, unless you are already using it, you will need to learn how to bridge or transfer crypto over to that blockchain.  You may also have to show the receiver how to do the same.  

But if you are willing to go through those extra steps, then you’ll likely be able to save a bundle on gas fees.

For example, Solana has very low gas fees when you transact on their blockchain.  They also have a growing selection of NFT projects.

You can check out Solana NFTs on marketplaces such as Solanart.

For more information on Solana NFTs, see my complete guide on how to buy Solana NFTs.

Polygon (formally known as Matic) is considered an Ethereum “Layer 2” blockchain, but it is the same issue here, you’ll need to learn how to transact on that blockchain to benefit from the low gas fees (sorry no guide yet :))

That said, you can explore NFTs that live on the Polygon blockchain right on OpenSea by clicking on Explore > All NFTs > select the filter “Polygon” under “Chains”.

OpenSea Filter for Polygon

Filter in OpenSea to find Polygon NFTs

How to Gift an NFT

Now that you have picked out the NFT and have purchased it (so that it is in your wallet), the mechanics of gifting an NFT is actually pretty simple as it is just a transfer from one wallet to another.

The simplest thing to do is to use OpenSea to make the transfer.  This allows you to actually see the NFT (in the desktop version of Metamask, you can't actually see the images of the NFTs).

You don’t need to buy the NFT on OpenSea to use the “gift” feature, but you do need to connect your wallet to the OpenSea site.

Once connected, navigate to the NFT you want to transfer and then click on the gift icon.

Gift Icon in OpenSea

Gift Icon in OpenSea

Click on the icon and then enter the receiver's Ethereum address and click on transfer.

OpenSea Transfer Page

Transfer Page on OpenSea

Note: “Quantity” will only appear if you own multiple of the same NFT.  This can happen if you purchase more than one of certain types of NFTs (usually NFTs that are of type ERC-1155).

When making the transfer you will be redirected to your wallet to submit the transaction.  At this stage you will see the estimated gas fee for the transaction (yes, you do need to pay for gas even for a gift transfer).  

After the transfer goes through, you will see a success page on OpenSea.

Success Page on OpenSea

Success Page on OpenSea.  Includes a link to Etherscan.

To double check that the transfer went through, you can go to Etherscan.  There is a link right on the success page in OpenSea to Etherscan or you can just go to Etherscan directly and paste the receiver’s wallet address in the search.  When the address is opened in Etherscan, you should see the NFT as a “token”

Etherscan Confirmation

In Etherscan, you can see that the NFT made it to its intended wallet

How to Present Your NFT to the Receiver

While the mechanics of gifting an NFT is pretty simple, the act of actually presenting your NFT to someone might take a bit of thought, especially if the receiver is new to NFTs.

Print the NFT and give it to them in person

If someone is brand new to the world of crypto/NFTs and you are going to meet this person in the real world, then you might want to consider printing out the NFT.  That way, you can give them the NFT in person and, at the same time, walk them through the process of setting up a wallet like Metamask.

There are even services out there that will print and physically frame NFTs.  I did some googling and found a few of these services, but I haven’t tried any of them, so I hesitate to mention them here (but I will update this article if/when I do try one of these services).

Email/text a link to the NFT and provide them with instructions

If you are not going to see the receiver in person, then you could just email or text them a link to the NFT you bought for them.  I actually did this in my example below.  It doesn’t have the same “surprise” factor that a gift might provide, but it works.  

In your follow up (email, Zoom, Skype, etc.), you can walk through the set up of Metamask, etc. and then make the transfer of the NFT to their wallet.

What I don’t suggest is that you set up a wallet for them.  

The reason is that, if you set up the wallet for them, then you would have their seed phrase.  If they trust you (well, maybe they do :)), then that might work, but even still, if they are new to NFTs, they might not understand how important it is to keep your seed phrase private.  

And keeping your seed phrase private is an important concept to understand in the world of NFTs.

If the receiver has experience with crypto and/or NFTs and you know they have a crypto wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet, then you still have the issue of getting their wallet address.

Unless you already know it or they have made it public, you’ll just have to ask.

Yes, all of this sounds a bit on the cumbersome side, but remember that we are very early in the development of NFTs, so this is the price we pay for “getting in on the ground floor”.  

In the future, having a crypto wallet address will become much more commonplace, much like an email address that your friends and family already know.  Until that time, we have to jump through some hoops.

My Experience Gifting an NFT

I have a friend that is into crypto but has yet to buy her first NFT.  

I know that she already has Metamask and she knows how to use it, so giving her an NFT as a gift might give her that extra nudge into the NFT world.

I thought a bit about what to give her.  I considered an Art Block Factory piece or some art from some of the projects I have become more involved with, but then I considered what might be helpful to her journey into NFTs.

Zeneca, an NFT influencer, recently launched an NFT that gives you access to his members-only Discord.

Related: NFT influencers to follow

The information that Zeneca has put out has been helpful to me, so I thought that access to his Discord would make a great gift.

Now, a key point here - not everyone is a fan of member-only, paid Discords.  In general, I stay away from them.  But for me (just my opinion), I’ve found Zeneca to be a helpful voice in this space and I’m happy to support him.  Not everyone agrees with me, so please do your own research and make your own decisions before joining any of these types of Discords.

For a couple of weeks in November of 2021, Zeneca had an open minting period to mint these NFTs for .033 ETH - so I purchased two (the minting period is now over, so they are now only available for secondary sales on OpenSea).

I ended up just texting my friend and saying that I bought her an NFT (but I didn’t say what NFT - wanted it to be a surprise).

I knew that she already has an ETH wallet, but I asked her to create a new one in Metamask.

I like to separate out my NFTs from my other crypto wallets, so suggested she do the same (it is very easy to create new wallets inside of your Metamask).

She then texted back her new wallet address (of course, she was happy she would be receiving her first NFT).

Using OpenSea, I then transferred the NFT to her wallet (see instructions above).

As an additional step, I pasted her wallet address into my OpenSea mobile app (see my article on the OpenSea mobile app to learn how to do this) and then, using the share feature in that app, texted her the link to her NFT.  That way she would be able to see the NFT right away.

Of course, I also explained what the NFT is used for.

Regardless of what you are gifting, you should take some time to explain the significance of the NFT, whether it is art or something with some utility.

If they are totally new to NFTs and crypto, also spend some time explaining this new world to them.

In a way, you will now have become their NFT mentor!

Final Thoughts

Gifting an NFT is not only possible, but also a great idea to get new people into the NFT world.

And if you do decide to gift someone that is new to NFTs, just know that you may likely become that person’s “NFT coach” - which is a good thing!

So gift-on my NFT friends (or should I say “frens”) and be Belichick-like with your coaching.

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