Hi, I’m Ed, NFTska’s lead Editor and Author based in the Los Angeles area.

I started NFTska to help people get involved in the fascinating world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Most of the content on this site is non-technical and gives you the steps needed to actually participate in the world of NFTs.

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Ed is NFTska’s lead Editor and Author based in the Los Angeles area.  He fell deep down the crypto rabbit hole starting in 2017.  Ed actively participates in and follows the fast changing NFT scene.

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Why Learn About NFTs?

The NFT world is still a pretty niche place, so if you are reading this - congratulations, you are early!

In fact, NFTs are so new, most people are just trying to wrap their heads around these concepts - including me.


Because NFTs are a paradigm shift in digital ownership.  

It’s so much more than art (although that is a very important part of it).  It is the next chapter of the Internet - Web 3.0.

And NFTs will usher in major changes in our digital lives.

We are at the very beginning of this shift, but soon NFTs will be mainstream. 

And the time you take now to learn about NFTs will put you well ahead of the people that will inevitably come later.

Soon your friends and family will be asking YOU about NFTs.

My NFT Story

Like a lot of people in the crypto space, my journey into NFTs started with Bitcoin.

Back in about 2013 I started to read about Bitcoin.  

Bitcoin piqued my interest as I have a background in economics (see my work history below).  But at the time, there were a lot of articles about how Bitcoin was being used in nefarious ways, which was enough “FUD” (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) for me to NOT buy Bitcoin - what a mistake!

But by 2017 there was a lot of renewed hype around Bitcoin.  It was enough hype to get me into the game and make my first crypto purchase.

However it wasn’t until 2019 that I got serious about this space.  

Although the economy was considered very strong at the time, it seemed to me that with the endless money printing (even years after the 2008 financial crisis), that the traditional financial system was in deep trouble.  

Bitcoin was a possible solution to this madness.

This interest turned into an obsession and led me down a very deep rabbit hole into the crypto world.

By 2020, I was deep in the crypto market.  

It was in 2020 that I made my first NFT purchase - a blockchain domain name for the decentralized web.

I’ve since dived head-first into NFTs - buying NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea, minting NFTs from project websites, jumping into NFT Discords, and following the NFT scene on Twitter and YouTube.

It’s been truly amazing!

My Work Background

For most of my adult life I have had a strong interest in economics, so much so that I earned a Master’s in Economics and for several years I worked for a U.S. federal government agency dealing with international trade (that's a story for another time :)).

But the hands-on side of me wanted to build things, so I learned web development and eventually transitioned into a career in technology - in particular educational technologies.  

I’ve worked in the technology field for a number of organizations, including a stint at Harvard Business School.  And for the last five years I’ve been working as an IT Architect at a Fortune 500 company.

With a background in economics and technology, crypto and NFTs are a perfect fit for me.

I am so excited to be a part of this world and hope to share my experiences with you!

About the Blog

The aim of NFTska is to help people participate in the world of NFTs and Web3. Our focus is on education, not financial advice (so please don't take anything in this blog as financial advice :)). 

What's with the name "NFTska"?

As you probably already know, NFT stands for "non-fungible token", but what's with "ska"?

As Wikipedia defines it, "Ska is a music genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950's and was the precursor to rocksteady and reggae".

Ska has had a number of "waves" and has incorporated several styles over the years, with early influences from jazz and blues, and with later waves incorporating punk rock.

It's this combination of old and new; of a certain rebelliousness of the genre; of the blend of culture over space and time, that reminds me of the current state of the NFT industry.

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Mike Grossman

Mike Grossman

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Mike Grossman is a writer and creative strategist based in Brooklyn NY. He ape’d into NFTs in early 2021 and has been following the industry ever since.

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About the Author
Emily Mae is a Miami-based crypto enthusiast, with a love for NFTs. She’s a huge supporter of women in NFTs and crypto education.

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