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We put together this non-definitive chart of projects we believe fall into the following categories: Accepted Blue Chips; Likely Blue Chips; and Blue Chip Potential. ...

Blue Chip NFT Projects (updated 2022)

Due to the swift advancements in technology, our world is constantly evolving. From the internet to social media,

How Will NFTs Change the World?

I took a course called “How to Launch an NFT Project '' through NAS Academy.  Here’s what I

My Review: Nas Academy’s “How to Launch an NFT Project”

Every NFT enthusiast needs some Discord Servers to join, they’re the best way to discuss NFTs!  This list

NFT Discords to Join (Top 11 for 2022)

Do you know your NFT Terminology?  Take the Slang Quiz Now


In the speculative world of NFTs, the term “alpha” is thrown around a lot.  But just what does it mean and where did it come ...

What is the meaning of “Alpha”? (NFT Terminology)

In the traditional stock world a “blue chip” refers to a company that’s considered a reliable investment. In

What are Blue Chip NFTs?

“gm” is internet slang for “good morning” and is used as a greeting on crypto and NFT twitter,

gm: It means more than you think (NFT Terminology)

One of the best ways to learn and get deeper into the NFT world is by following NFT

NFT Influencers to Follow (updated March 2022)

Whitelisting is a common practice in the NFT world.  Learn what whitelisting is and how to get whitelisted

What is Whitelisting? (NFT Terminology)

NGMI and WAGMI are used frequently in the crypto and NFT world.  Learn what they mean and how

What is NGMI and WAGMI? (NFT Terminology)

NFTs are fast becoming a much more known word amongst anyone even faintly acquainted with the world of

Can You Gift An NFT?